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Dental prosthetics

Dentists make bridges and crowns with the DWX

The DWX series provides in-house production of dental prosthetics at affordable prices

Bridges and crowns are mostly made in large-scale labs because of the high costs related to the equipment required to mill zirconia. Thanks to the DWX-50 and DWX-4, it is now possible to produce prosthetics in-house, which ensures an easier, faster and more affordable production.

Choose the DWX unit suited for your needs
The Roland DWX series consists of two dental milling machines. The DWX-4 and the DWX-50.

Due to its status as the world’s smallest milling machine for dental technicians, the DWX-4 provides digital technology for the production of dental prosthetics available for small and medium-sized dentist’s offices.

The DWX-4 offers an affordable and user-friendly platform with the same degree of accuracy as the conventional models but at only half the size. The unit enables the production of pin-type prosthetics such as crowns in commonly used materials such as zirconium, PMMA and wax.

The DWX-50 is a reliable digital milling unit with 5 axis. The unit enables the production of larger sized prosthetics such as crowns and bridges in in the same materials as the DWX-4; zirconium, PMMA and wax. Besides being user-friendly the unit is also suited for producing even the most complex implants. Once the production has been initiated the DWX-50 finishes the job automatically, so the lab technicians can spend their time on other tasks thus freeing up resources.