Protection of the environment is a priority

Environmental issues are common to all mankind and every person contributes to the preservation and welfare of both our society and the global environment. These two principles are the foundations of Roland DG's environmental policy. The company considers the protection of the environment as one of its biggest responsibilities. In 1999 and 2000, Roland DG was granted an ISO certification and since then, the company has implemented several systems to improve the product quality and decrease the ecological footprint. In 2013, Roland DG also received a GREENGUARD Gold UL 2818 certification from UL Environment, a business unit of UL (Underwriters Laboratories) for the folowing three products: Eco-Sol MAX ink, Eco-Sol MAX 2 ink and WallFlair Removable Fabric. The GREENGURD Gold certification provides assurance that these three products meet some of the world's most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air.

Production with central attention to the environment

Every Roland DG product is developed and produced according to the following:

  • Roland DG offers high-quality products that meet international regulations and requirements. Moreover, we continually investigate our systems to improve our products and company processes.
  • We strive to use sources in an effective way. We have set goals to reduce and recycle waist, avoid pollution caused by chemical substances and develop and produce products with low impact on the environment.

Roland Eco-Label

In 2007, Roland DG Corporation introduced its own Environmental Label based on standards stipulated by ISO 14021 for Type II environmental labelling. This Eco-Label certifies products that comply with the company's internal environmental standards. These standards prescribe products to:

1. Prevent global warming
2. Use recyclable resources
3. Increase environmental awareness
4. Disclose information on the environmental aspects of the product

Ecological goals

Each year, Roland DG sets a range of goals in order to meet the principles of its environmental policy. Examples of these goals are:

  • Implementation of LCA: LCA is the abbreviation of Life Cycle Assessment and analyzes products in order to determine the environmental impact of each step in the life cycle.
  • Introduction of an eco label: Roland DG Corporation introduced the eco label to promote the development of products in an optimal relation to the environment. The eco label also aims to communicate environmental information to customers.
  • Reduction of packaging material and paper consumption.
  • Zero emission by promoting recycling: use of easy recyclable materials in the construction of machines.
  • Use of sun and wind energy and LED lighting


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