Be creative, be the best and be enthusiastic.

The motto of Roland DG Corporation's founder reflects greatly on our company philosophy. Since the early years, Roland DG have constantly been searching for faster, easier and better production processes. That way we want to create a digital production environment that on the one hand welcomes changes in society and on the other hand drives them. With great enthusiasm and creativity, we strive to be the best in each domain.

The ‘Digital Yatai' production method is an example of this philosophy. The basic principle of this revolutionary production process is that every machine is assembled from the ground up by one person. This means that each employee on the factory floor has his or her own work station and a computer to guide him or her through the whole production process. Moreover, the employee inspects his or her own products and is responsible for the quality of  the assembled machine. All this results in high quality and reliable machines that meet market demands, put together with passion and enthusiasm.